Welcome, Lingerie Addicts! You may know me from my weekly column at The Lingerie Addict, where I most often write about corsets.



I've been making corsets since 2007, and writing about them for The Lingerie Addict since 2011. Since then, I've earned an MFA in Fashion Design, focusing my thesis on the creation of my made-to-order corset line, and I am one of the founding Corset Fellows of the Oxford Conference of Corsetry. If you've come here from The Lingerie Addict, chances are you're interested in one of a few things...

Waist Training

If you're interested in permanently reducing and shaping your waist using high-end, curvaceous, hand-made corsetry, I would love to help! Here's my page of tips and information for waist trainers. At the bottom you'll also find links to other waist training resources, including my most relevant articles for The Lingerie Addict.

Corset Styles

View all my made-to-order corset styles, available in standard fit sizing. For most corsets, bespoke fit is also available. From the classics like the Demoiselle and the Valentine to Pop Antique's signature specialties like the epically curvaceous Vixen ribbon corset and my special edition Gibson Girl longline, the gang's all here.

The Pop Antique Distinction

What makes Pop Antique corsets special and different from other corsets? Find out about the Pop Antique ethos, signature fit, and style. Organic fabrics, Engineered Fit and Integrated Corsets are all part of my unique stamp on corsetmaking. Pop Antique corsets are based on my experiences as a wearer of corsets and natural hourglass figure with a bent towards the practical and comfortable.