Pop Antique corsets combine the playfulness of ready-to-wear fashion with pinup-perfect curves and fine handmade construction. The fit is engineered and fine-tuned for comfortable shaping that minimizes compression of the rib cage and affords a greater waist reduction. All corsets are handmade in San Francisco, utilizing organic materials where possible and high-quality hardware components always.

Engineered Fit

The Pop Antique fit is carefully engineered to maximize both comfort and curves.  Essential to this ideal is my signature "cupped rib" shaping, which compresses only the waist and leaves the ribs unconstrained.  This not only keeps your corset comfortable even after hours of wear, but allows for a bigger reduction, faster. I test my corset patterns on myself as well as other experienced corset models to ensure their comfort.

Supple Support

A combination of spiral and steel boning creates the delicate balance of both support and mobility; my approach to corsetry is much softer than the contemporary standard and is suitable for corset neophytes and dramatic tightlacers both. It also has the advantage of shortening the breaking in period. Those who prefer more rigid corsetry can upgrade to coutil for the fashion and/or strength layer, all flat steel boning, external channels, and so forth.

Signature Style

Pop Antique's signature style is strongly silhouette and color driven. The essential line features a combination of classic and quirky styles. To these classic corsets, I love adding color blocking or small details such as flossing and decorative lacing.  My contemporary approach to corsetry really shines through the innovative and modern styles of Knit Corsets and Integrated Corsets. The results are both chic and accessible for the present-day.

Quality Construction

Pop Antique corsets feature:

  • organic cotton canvas strength layer
  • stabilized fashion fabric
  • reinforced seams
  • steel bones
  • concealed waist tape
  • two-part grommets


San Francisco Handmade

Each corset is individually hand cut and sewn in San Francisco, CA. Nothing is outsourced; each corset is made to order with an emphasis on accuracy and quality.



I source organic and sustainable fabrics wherever possible, particularly hemp and organic cotton. Hemp is particularly well-suited to corsetry; it is a versatile and very strong fiber with a slight natural sheen.


The corset arrived today and it’s beautiful! Thank you so much for getting it here on time, and so well-made, well-fitting, and gorgeous! :)
I love it!
I could tell, from your photos, that your designs are much more flattering than cheap corsets (and I’ve tried those in the past). But what photos can’t show, and what’s really delightful, is how comfortable your design is! The cup-shaping on the sides not only gives it a prettier line, it also makes the corset feel comfortable all day long. And the lacing adjusts beautifully, and stays where I tie it, so I don’t need to keep re-lacing it during the course of the day.
— Louise E., Minnesota (Ingenue RTW)
I actually just wore it for the first time yesterday and I am beyond thrilled! I was a little nervous since I had never worn a real corset before and I didn’t know if it would be really hard to get into or if it was going to hurt or if there would be any kind of serious reduction, but I was pleasantly surprised on all counts and I loved wearing it! Thanks again for the quick shipping and the beautiful corset!!
— Bonnie P., Virginia (Vixen RTW)
You are absolutely amazing! I am so in love with the corset that you made for me that I have not been able to stop talking about it to everyone I know and I’ve not wanted to take it off! It is BEAUTIFUL. When I am not wearing it, I want to put it on display for everyone to see.

I’ve had a few corsets in the past and they have been comfortable enough, but nowhere near how comfortable this one is. It’s like wearing a hug from a cloud! I love it! I feel so incredibly lucky to now own a Pop Antique corset and I will definitely be saving up for another in the future. I already have my eye on one (read: all) of your other designs. You were a dream to work with and your design is perfect! [...] I have an annual Christmas party that I will be wearing everything to and I’m so very excited to show it off. (If the past few days are any indication, though, I have a feeling I’ll be showing it all off long before then, too!)

I cannot thank you enough or express how impressed I am by the quality of your work! You are a goddess!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
— Aliza M., Minneapolis (Valentine RTW)


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