Vixen Ribbon Corset

From $625 / bespoke fit: $1875

How to Order

  1. Submit enquiry using the form above.
  2. Place a deposit of 30-50% of the corset price.
  3. Confirm details via personal consultation email or Skype session.
  4. Your corset is handmade to order just for you!
  5. Your order is shipped once it is completed and paid in full.

The Vixen is an authentic and oh-so-shapely ribbon cincher with the pointed silhouette of a Victorian riding corset. Supported by fashion and strength fabric at the front, back, and sides, the body is shaped completely by wide ribbon laid horizontally across the form. As in all of my corsets, a waist tape is included for stabilization and support of the waist reduction. Upgrade the center and side panels to matching or coordinating ribbon for $75.

Support specifications: Underbust, short hip. 6 vertical panels, 20 diagonal ribbon panels, 12 bones + busk