Pop Antique is proud to offer some of the curviest and most comfortable standard fit corsets available worldwide.

© Karolina Marek

© Karolina Marek

The Pop Antique line of corsets is drafted for a 4" reduction. However, if your measurements are between sizes or you are not looking for as severe a reduction, you may wish to order a larger size. The chart below details the measurements of the wearer (that's you!), not the corset itself. Select a corset that is 4-6" smaller than your natural waist.

Pop Antique corsets are intended to be worn with approximately a 2" gap at the back lacing. If you prefer to wear your corsets laced closed, find yourself on the size chart, then go up one size.

Ready-to-Wear Chart

Corset Size Bust Underbust Waist High Hip Full Hip
Sixteen 30 25 22 28.5 32
Eighteen 32 27 24 30.5 34
Twenty 34 29 26 32.5 36
Twenty-Two 36 31 28 34.5 38
Twenty-Four 38 33 30 36.5 40
Twenty-Six 40 35 32 38.5 42
Twenty-Eight 42 37 34 42.5 46
Thirty 46 39 38 47.5 50+
Thirty-Two 48 41 40 51.5 54+
Thirty-Four 50 43 42 51.5 56+
Thirty-Six 52 45 44 55.5 58+
Thirty-Eight 54 47 46 57.5 60+

Wondering where to measure yourself? Here are some basic tips and additional measurements.

For circumference measurements, always maintain the measuring tape parallel to the floor all the way around. Use a mirror to check yourself, or if possible, have a friend assist you, as the action of taking your own measurements will cause them to change. For best results, have a professional tailor take your measurements.


Wear a well-fitting bra with minimal padding. Make sure the straps and band are snug to keep your breasts high, where they will sit in the corset. Measure across the fullest part of your bust, also known as the "apex." This may be level with the nipple line.


Again, check that your bra band and straps are correctly adjusted. Measure just under your breasts.


Measure your "natural waist" at its smallest point when viewed as silhouette, not where you wear your jeans. You can tie a piece of elastic around your waist and it should roll to the correct point.

High Hip

5" below the natural waistline.

Full Hip

The full hip measurement is not around your hip bones, but rather the largest measurement below your waist. This may be around the curve of your posterior, but is actually more commonly the measurement around the upper thighs. This measurement isn't incorporated in corset fit but serves as a reference point to confirm sizing.


Remember that your skeletal waist, where you wear your corset, is likely lower than your apparent waist, where you measured. The waist to underbust measurement is standardized at 5". If you have a long or short torso, you may wish to have an alteration made to your corset. The drop from the waist to the bottom edge on the longline styles is 6.5" at the center front and 5" above the thigh.

Fit Personalization

Not a strict ready-to-wear size? Not a problem! Pattern alterations are available to improve the fit for your body. For example, a length adjustment on longline corsets is recommended to make the most of the style. Length adjustments for the long- or short-torsoed are also urged. Adjustments to bust or hip measurements, custom hem or neckline shaping, and additional waist reductions are also available. Pattern personalizations start at only $50.

Bespoke Corsets

Don't worry about what your off-the-rack size is; with a bespoke corset, you are the size. Custom corsets include a comprehensive measurement session, mock-up service, and of course, wider design possibilities. Prices for custom corsets are listed on the page for each standard style; email marianne@popantique.com for inquiries regarding unique designs.