Frequently asked questions about Pop Antique, ordering, and paying for corsets.

What makes Pop Antique corsets different?

Each corsetiere has their own ideal of fit and construction. Mine is heavily based on my personal experiences wearing corsets over the past dozen years. As a natural hourglass figure, I've designed my corsets to be extremely curvaceous and exceptionally comfortable, with a tendency to a more lightweight and flexible structure. I also emphasize the use of organic fabrics as much as possible.

Who makes your corsets?

All Pop Antique corsets are handmade by me, Marianne Faulkner, in San Francisco. I do all the designing, fitting, and sewing myself.  I occasionally have some feline assistance; please let me know if you have allergies and I will be extra meticulous with the lint roller while making your corset.

How do I place an order?

I prefer to have an email consultation for each order to help guide my clients through the process, though if you know exactly what you want, so much the better! You will be speaking with my assistant, Amy. Also, since I hand make each corset to order, this gives us more control over turnaround time and the number of orders I am working on at any given time. Start the process by submitting an inquiry on the page for the style that interests you after reviewing the size chart and fabric options.

How long is the turnaround time?

Generally, a simple ready-to-wear corset with no fit personalizations and stock fabrics has about a four week turnaround. Please remember that as complication is added, the turnaround lengthens, and while I can work on certain elements of various corsets concurrently, each order mostly has to wait for all previous orders to be completed before I begin construction in earnest.  If you have a special event or other exact due date for which you'd like your corset, please communicate that with me when placing your order.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Believe it or not, my first preference is an old fashioned check in the mail. I take web payments via this website and Square invoices. Orders within California are subject to county sales tax.

Do you take deposits for corset orders?

Corset orders need not be paid in full at time of order; I am happy to take a deposit of at least one-third the total for your order. Orders will be shipped or available for pick up only after they've been paid in full. Please view the corset deposit options in my web shop.

What is your return policy?

There are no refunds or exchanges for made-to-order items, including corsets. If there is any manufacturing defect in hardware, materials, or construction, repairs are under warranty for up to a year under normal wearing conditions. Tightlacing and waist training, without additional reinforcement, are considered beyond the scope of regular wear. Fit changes without a mockup and fitting cannot be 100% guaranteed; for best results, please take care with your measurements and ask me if you have any questions about measuring. The fit of custom corsets is guaranteed unless you undergo a change of size or proportion between ordering and receiving your corset. Please keep this in mind while deciding when you will place an order.

Can I put my corset on by myself?

You certainly can, with a little bit of practice! I can even lace myself in while riding the bus. Putting your corset on unaided requires both muscle memory, and a bit of dexterity and strength in your arms and hands. The longer the corset style, the more challenging it becomes; the more broken-in your corset is, the more easily the laces glide through the grommets.

Why organic cotton?

Conventionally grown cotton uses an incredible amount of pesticides - more insecticides than any other single crop, in fact. This is damaging for the environment and hazardous to workers. Laundering generally removes the vast majority of pesticide residue, but neither corsets nor their component fabrics should be machine-washed.

I also use hemp and hemp-blends from time to time. Hemp can be very well-suited to corsetry, because it is significantly stronger than cotton.

Do you make men's corsets?

My ready-to-wear patterns were developed based on women's proportions and anatomy. Much of the signature Pop Antique fit is based on my own extensive experiences wearing corsets, and my overall style is quite feminine, so I am holding off on men's ready-to-wear styles until I find the right fit model and muse. I am happy to accommodate male and trans clients for custom corsetry who do not fit within the confines of the my standard fit size chart.

Do you sell your corset patterns?

All patterns and much of the construction of Pop Antique corsets is proprietary information. I do, however, write regularly for Foundations Revealed, which is an incredible resource for those interested in corsetmaking.  I highly encourage you to consider a subscription if you have an interest in the subject.


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