Tease Underbust Corset

From $695 / bespoke fit: $2085

A cropped version of the Flirt, the Tease is a sheer underbust corset with mini-panniers. Lacing details accent the panniers and front waist. This impactful style can be worn layered over a sheer or printed dress to emphasize its sheer fabrication. The mini-panniers detach so the corset can also be worn as a foundation piece.

Support specifications: Underbust, short hip. 8 panels, 18 bones + busk


How to Order

  1. Submit enquiry using the form above.
  2. Place a deposit of 30-50% of the corset price.
  3. Confirm details via personal consultation email or Skype session.
  4. Your corset is handmade to order just for you!
  5. Your order is shipped once it is completed and paid in full.