Policies & pricing for shipping of made-to-order corsets and accessories from Pop Antique.

What shipping service(s) do you use?

I ship via USPS unless requested otherwise, as I have found it to be the most efficient with regards to both price and speed. If you are displeased with the USPS service in your area, I can ship via another carrier. Use of other shipping services, such as FedEx or UPS, generally incurs additional fees.

How much is shipping for a corset within the USA?

Corsets and mockups ship for $25 domestically via USPS. Corsets shipped domestically via FedEx or UPS (by request only) generally run about $50; please confirm the shipping method and charges with me at time of order.

How much is shipping for accessories within the USA?

Accessories ship domestically for $8 via USPS.

How much is international shipping?

International shipping for corsets starts at $75 and may vary according to the country of delivery. Please let me know if your corset needs to be labeled in any particular way to help ease its way through customs. Corsets shipped internationally will be sent via USPS with tracking and insurance for their value in full.

How long does shipping take?

Corsets generally ship within a week of completion and arrive domestically within two to three days after that. International corsets should arrive three to five business days from the day they were shipped. If you need your corset by a specific date, I will coordinate my trip to the post office accordingly.

Do you combine shipping?

Absolutely. I will pack each order as efficiently as possible to reduce packaging waste.  I am happy to pack as many items as possible into a flat rate shipping box.  Shipping charges will be calculated according to the size of box and amount of shipping insurance required for a package.

Do you include tracking?

USPS automatically includes tracking for all orders. Upon request, I can share the tracking number with you. 

What about insurance?

I insure all corset shipments for the full value of the final corset.

How about signature confirmation?

By default, I do not specify a signature as required for delivery. Please let me know if this is your preference and I will accommodate it. Signature confirmation may incur an additional fee.